Suicide Rate

Suicide Prevention

Our commitment is to foster communities with zero suicide. One preventable death is too many. Each one of us matters and each one of us can help.

Who We Help

It takes a village to keep everyone safe.

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Moment by Moment Suicide Prevention Who We Help

Empowering Parents

Learn the skills necessary to create connection, foster belonging, and support mental well-being in youth. Become aware of the signs and risks associated with suicide. Together we can prevent loss in our families and communities.

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Suicide Prevention Management

We help communities and organizations become aware and empowered to respond to the presence of suicide to prevent unnecessary deaths.

Suicide Prevention Coalition

The Suicide Prevention Coalition of North Central Washington was formed following a very difficult and emotional year. There were 30 losses in our community and 11 of those losses were youth. The community was upset, but there was no one agency to blame—as no one was doing anything. This was unprecedented and unacceptable.

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You Matter Suicide Prevention

Let’s work together to prevent suicide.

Your efforts to prevent suicide in your family and community matter. Moment by moment, together we can help. Sign up to stay connected.