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Suicide Prevention

Moment by Moment Suicide Prevention championed by Dr. Julie Rickard addresses the continuum of skill and care required to prevent suicide. We believe that one preventable death is too many.

Dr. Julie Rickard

Julie Rickard, PhD

Dr. Julie Rickard is a nationally recognized suicide prevention leader and educator. As a licensed psychologist in Washington State and consultant, Dr. Rickard provides coaching, training and consulting for physicians and teams through Physician & Healthcare Consulting and is the founder and CEO of Moment by Moment Suicide Prevention as well as the founding Director for the Suicide Prevention Coalition of North Central Washington and a Partner at the National Center for Suicide Survivors.

Dr. Rickard earned a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Washington State University. With over 30 years of experience in a variety of healthcare settings, she lends an unparalleled understanding of physicians and ever-changing medical environments. Dr. Rickard embodies an impactful set of skills and possesses an enormous amount of passion for the works she does. Schedule a consult to start a conversation.

What Clients Are Saying

Dr. Julie Rickard is enormously talented and routinely sought after to navigate and solve complex problems in healthcare. I’ve worked with Dr. Rickard for a number of years on initiatives leading to significant change in care delivery in healthcare settings. When she says she’ll make something happen, she delivers. She is also an expert psychologist and her knowledge of suicide and best care for those who are at risk makes her a national expert. She is pragmatic, creative, and highly enjoyable to collaborate with. I reserve my highest regard for Dr. Rickard.

Dr. Ursula Whiteside, PHD, CEO — Now Matters Now

In the News

Dr. Julie Rickard has been featured in various media outlets sharing expertise related to suicide prevention. Find links to articles and information for Press & Media here.

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