Suicide Prevention

We help raise awareness and increase the capacity and skills of community members to respond to the presence of suicide through video training, articles and courses.

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Suicide Prevention Management

We specialize in offering training for clinical professionals and other providers with a focus on suicide prevention as part of professional care.

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Community-Based Suicide Prevention

The work is to look at major systems that are lacking structure and help to guide the work that needs to be done.

Suicide Prevention Education

Learn the skills necessary to create connection, foster belonging, and support mental well-being. Become aware of the signs and risks associated with suicide. Together we can prevent loss in our families and communities.

Empowering Parents Course

An essential course from Dr. Julie Rickard that empowers parents to engage in tough conversations with youth who may be contemplating suicide. Learn what signs to look for, how to hold space, ask questions, and listen as a powerful form of support. Sign up to be the first to know when the course becomes available.

Empowering Parents Empowering Kids

Be Part of the Solution

Suicide Prevention work belongs to all of us and you can join us right now, wherever you are. Find us on Facebook and become part of the Empowered Parents Suicide Prevention Tribe to join in free live trainings with Dr. Julie Rickard each week.

You Matter Suicide Prevention

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Suicide Prevention Management

Through a model of community-based suicide prevention we help guide the work to address suicide as it presents in various populations through presentations, training, coaching and consulting. We support you and your team in determining systems of care for communities. Send a message to connect with Dr. Rickard.

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Community Suicide Prevention
Healthy Systems Prevent Suicide

My passion is working with providers, departments, teams, clinics, and systems that need help. I offer presentations and training that help healthcare organizations stay abreast of the ever-changing concerns within their own organization to better cope with the demands of their teams, and those they serve. Work can be done around addressing suicide, specific disorders, team building, engaging staff, managing burnout.

In addition to suicide prevention trainings, we offer medical trainings on any topic that is a psychological disorder.

  • Moment by Moment Professional Training

  • Moment by Moment Guardian Training

  • Presentations and Training on Psychological Disorders

  • Coaching and Consulting

No one solution is right for every organization. I use an adaptable and responsive approach to find what works best for you and/or your organization. Schedule a consult to talk about how we can collaborate.

In the News

Dr. Julie Rickard has been featured in various media outlets sharing expertise related to suicide prevention. Find links to articles and information for Press & Media here.

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